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An Assault Against the Very People God Instructs Us to Protect | Dave Miner

14 Apr Posted by in Tony Hall's Blog | 1 comment
An Assault Against the Very People God Instructs Us to Protect | Dave Miner

I did not eat, at all, last week. Right now our nation is in the middle of important discussions about how to cut its deficits. Living within our means is something we must do, and how we do it is a very important moral decision.

The initial proposal passed recently by the House of Representatives looked only at the smallest part of the budget, and then made deep cuts impacting hungry and poor people. It would mean a hundred thousand pregnant and nursing mothers and their children in this country not receiving food assistance, and eliminating food for millions of kids in refugee camps.

There are ways to reduce the deficit without taking food away from hungry children. This is an assault against the very people God instructs us to protect.

So I did not eat, at all, last week. I joined people of faith and conscience across the country in prayer and fasting, forming a circle of protection around programs that are important to poor and hungry people.  Through our fast we invoke God’s assistance, to inspire us and our nation’s leaders to find ways to cut our deficits without adding to the challenges of those already hurting.

I invite you to join me in prayer and fasting for our nation.


Dave Miner is the chair of the Board of Directors of Bread for the World.  He is also Volunteer Executive Director of the Indianapolis Interfaith HungerInitiative.

  1. John Deacon04-18-11

    Love what you and others are doing. As a Canadian I have tried to incorporate the same, albeit eating a few more meals than you have.
    Although the gap between rich and poor is not as pronounced in our country as yours, similar political trends are occurring with the US equivalent of the Republican Party running on a platform of more jets, more guns and tax cuts for the wealthy! Ugh – we used to be more original in our politics but your folks cast a mighty big shadow!

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